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Item nameSpacial shape springs/Medical Instruments Springs
Material SectionsRound wire/Flat wire/Strip
Wire diameter 0.2~12mm(In stock),12~35mm.
MaterialCarbon steel1066/ 65/ 65MN
9260/ SUP6,SUP7/ 60SiCr7/ 60C2/ 60Si2Mn6150/ SUP10/ 1.8159/ 50CrΦA/ 50CrVA
Stainless steel301/ S30100/ SUS301/ X12CrNi17-07/ 1Cr17Ni7                     304/ S30400/ SUS304/ X5CrNi18-10/ 0Cr18Ni9                       316/ S31600/ SUS316/ X5CrNi17.12.2/0Cr17Ni12Mo2           631/ S17700/ SUS631/ 1.4568/ 17-7PH
Nickel alloy/
Nimonic alloyInconel X-750/ NO7750/  2.4669/  GH4145
Inconel 718/ NO7718/  2.4668/  GH4169
Processing craft
Material purchased—Material testing—production—heat treatment
—surface treatment—final testing—package—shipping
Heat treatmentTempering,Stress relieving
FinishPlain,Shot peened and oiled,Paint spraying (various colours),
Galvanised,Chrome plated,Nickel plated,Phosphated
Quality StandardISO9001:2000, SGS, ROHS.
Payment termsT/T, L/C or Paypal
Type of shippingBy sea, air, express
Medical Instrument
Premium Medical Grade Stainless Steel
on time shipping Guarantee.
Quality Manufacturing: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA, CEWire Forms quotation
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