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Kaida Organic Humic Acid for Plants

Kaida organic humic acid for plants is extracted from leonardite in XinJiang. As one kind of common organic humic acid fertilizer, Kaida humic acid can improve the soil in many ways, such as adjusting the pH of soil, also increasing the crop resistance to adverse the condition of soil, etc.

AppearanceBlack   prills
Organic   Substance:70%min
Humic   acid:50%min
Amino   Acid:10%min
Potassium   (as K2O)1%min

1. Stimulate the physiological metabolism
2. Change the fertilizer characteristics
3. Improve the soil structure
4. Enhance the resistance characteristics
5. Improve the quality of fruits

Same as some other humic acid products, our humic acid is with many benefits for horticultural crops, fruit trees, gardening, lawns, landscaping etc.
For Turf: 200-350kg/ha
For Pasture: 200-500kg/ha
Soil application: 200-400kg/ha or 5-10% of total fertilizer application

Package: In 25kg and 50kg net colorized plastic woven bags lining inside.
Delivery Date: within 15 days after received the buyer’s payment.
Please contact with us if you have any needs.
Email:[email protected] Humic Acid manufacturers
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